Archives for the month of: July, 2014

Only with hindsight –
Realization sets in ~
Ireland’s night silence.

Foxes in the yard –
Playing ball, forget the wild ~
‘Till the door latch clicks.

Flower, not so big –
Verge-side, at its best, happy ~
Perhaps best of all.


Sick escalator –
Jazz sounds escape from below ~
Trapped saxophonist.


Still suburbia –
But it’s not so safe elsewhere ~
Under the same moon.


Fresh black truffle salt –
Stinking out the spice cupboard ~
Rather pleasantly.


Aircon and birdsong –
Seems we’ve our own cardinal ~
Red as our mozzies.

Making furniture –
But first, some lapsang souchong ~
The wind in the trees…


Firefly filled garden –
Fork Lightning and Thor’s hammer ~
Toccata and Fugue.

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