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Overnight with friends –

Homebrew on the agenda ~

Music mixes too.

Chinook IPA –

Fruit of my home brew labour ~

and that of the yeast.

Sampling friend’s homebrew –

He has the kegs all set up ~

Bohemia wins.

Chinook IPA –

Bottling day, hard labour ~

Thirty eight rewards.

Facebook memories –

Prompting a recreation ~

Journeys of the mind.

Home brew fermenting –

Attach new pipe just in time ~

Bubbling gurgling beast.

Home brewing outside –

Chinook session IPA ~

Learning by doing.

The third brew bottled –

Feeling of accomplishment ~

Setting my own price.

First all grain brew done –

Feeling totally knackered ~

But in a good way.

(With thanks to Stu McW for recipe, kit, inspiration and online realtime support!)

The parcel arrives –

Grainfather in da house, now ~

Real brewing begins.

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