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The first daffodil –

Bright herald of more to come ~

Buds ready to burst.

February rain –

Dip in my garden fills up ~

I should make a pond.

Growing impatient –

Things moving slowly this year ~

The first daffodil.

Not yet dark at six –

Grand stretch in the evening ~

But nowhere to go.

Fritillaria –

Poking its head up for Spring ~

Crown Imperial.

Lemon tree in bloom –

A bit early for the bees ~

Pollinate with brush.

Feast of St. Brigid –

Make her cross with the wrong reeds ~

A minor penance.

Sitting immobile –

Sunny yard, a reading pause ~

Hoverfly inspects.

Pittosporum scent –

Strong, mornings and evenings ~

Bracketing the day.

Magnolia blooms –

Battered by the growing wind ~

White plates on the lawn.

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