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Magnolia blooms –

Battered by the growing wind ~

White plates on the lawn.

Easter egg hunting –

Sun high and warm already ~

Quick, before they melt!

Pittosporum scent

Earlier this year than last ~

Hopes for more to come.

Bought plant today –

Jazz playing as I did so ~

Won’t let this one die.

Magnolia blooms –

My Mother’s garden renews ~

‘Sure that soil is spent’

Her mother famously said –

She was gloriously wrong.

Sound of chimney wind –

Gives February gusts a voice ~

Old memories.

Paulownia blooms –
Littering the fresh cut lawn ~
Perhaps we’ll eat them.

Little purple fleurs –
Dotted low across the lawn ~
Survive my mowing. 

Hyacinth bouquet –
Rolling scent, rolling thunder ~
Caressing senses.

Azalea blooms –

Candying the short walk home ~

Sweeter still in rain.


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