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Two people, grieving –

Listening, having good chats ~

Agree Bach is best.

Eurovision on –

Only one song gives goosebumps ~

12 points to Ukraine.

My fave bootleg tape –

Long worn out, but now online ~

The immortal gig.

(For Ian Curtis)

Friend’s radio show –

On his Monday morning slot ~

Helps wake up the week.

(For Bill)

His self made album –

A Viennese pianist ~

In my favourites.

Home brewing again –

Music, malt, hops aroma ~

Dancing by the stove.

Fix an old iPod –

Put on Godflesh for the craic ~

Can’t help head banging.

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Watch the Top Forty-

Don’t know any of the songs ~

Nor do I want to.

Painting my room white –

Playing Bach Cello Suites, live ~

Applause as we end.

Walking down my street –
My favorite song comes on ~
Making each step count.

Insight – Joy Division – Live

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