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Watch the Top Forty-

Don’t know any of the songs ~

Nor do I want to.

Painting my room white –

Playing Bach Cello Suites, live ~

Applause as we end.

Walking down my street –
My favorite song comes on ~
Making each step count.

Insight – Joy Division – Live

Night in Chinatown –

In an open synagogue ~

Ukrainian folk. 


More dusty bottles –
From behind the piano ~
I’m waiting for you.


Arriving at work –
Bach’s Concertos are playing ~
Lending importance.


Favourite bootleg –
Well worn tape ~ lost long ago ~
Immortal online.

Listening to Strauss –
Om-pa-pa, Om-pa-pa, Omp ~
Gilding the commute.

Working on playlist –
DJ nods his approval ~
Victories persist.

It’s been twenty years –
Might have been seventy years ~
Or one million.

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