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Second hand bookstores –
Sometimes whole shelves on one theme ~
Dead men’s libraries.

Two people, grieving –

Listening, having good chats ~

Agree Bach is best.

Waded half way through –

A poem a day so far ~

Might just go o’er.

Another dead fox –

Really had hopes for this one ~

Such delicate paws.

Fledgling house sparrow –

Waiting to be fed by Mom ~

Both fat on my grain.

A man of science-

Who still saw the hand of God ~

A poor student, helped.

(For Philip A. Allen, Professor of Geology, RIP)

Snails in old plastic –

My Grandma would have killed them ~

I don’t have the heart.

New plastic bottle snail home –

She’s smiling, shaking her head.

She’s gone many years –

A lifetime ago, in fact ~

Still missing her though.

Buffeted by wind –

And by life in general ~

Head down and chin up.

Old cassette tape found –

Ghosts of great uncles, singing ~

I can’t stop smiling.

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