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Television on –

Dinosaur finds in the news ~

Find myself smiling.

All the animals –

Infinite variety ~

Tiny fraction known.

Looking at a rock –

One cannot just think ‘a rock’ ~

Geology brain.

For Prof. George Sevastopulo, RIP.

Waves on a Wednesday-

I sit on a pile of rocks ~

Made in older seas.

Carry on woodlouse –

As you have long before us ~

And will after us.

Rocks are making rocks –

On the beach, in the river ~

Deep beneath your feet.

We are all shut down –

Nagging feeling about this ~

Nature is smiling.

Devonian stream –

Fish choc a bloc, tail to head ~

Ack, had I a rod.

A marble fireplace –

Anastomosing patterns ~

Long since understood.

(For Dave Johnston, a great teacher)

Ocean to mountain –

Now a riverside pathway ~

Folding space and time.

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