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Instant noodle meal –
An obvious, hot, foulness ~
How I love thee so.


Ads for side effects –
Trucks, online dating, and food ~
Bread and circuses.

‘Pharmacy’ chain store –
Pharmacy a misnomer ~
Shop half filled with sweets.

Inorganic streets –
Walk home, thankful for landmarks ~
My compass, also.

Splendid big Boer – enjoying a beer –

First date couple, so distracted they have forgotten to take off their coats.

Dim Sum meal for one, Pimlico.


Haiku version:

Splendid big Boer –
Dating pair – still in their coats ~
Pimlico dim sum.

Madness of traffic –
All trying to get somewhere ~
All at the same time.

Place I return to –
Why? Nothing is there, nothing ~
Ev’rything is there.

Kurtzosis Defn: The condition whereby no matter how late the movie ‘Apocalypse Now’ is on TV, or how often one has seen it, one is compelled to watch it again until the very end.


New Year’s Day, all day –
I am ‘minded, once again ~
A bright Summer noon.

(After Bashō)

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