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Japanese Bindweed –

Beating the briars for light ~

Busy bees approve.

The first peony –

Not quite ready for the bees ~

Begins to unfurl.

Sat by Choisya –

Reading beside busy bees ~

The wren inspects me.

Whitethorn hedge in bloom –

Happy to see it is trimmed ~

An evening bee.

A field left uncut –

Dandelion feast for the bees ~

Simple ideas.

Lemon tree in bloom –

A bit early for the bees ~

Pollinate with brush.

Starting a new book –

Bees bazonkers on hedge blooms ~

I’ll hold off the cut.

Tenth floor bumble bee –
Why here, where no blooms grow? Ah ~
She fights another!

Bees land for last time –
Summer’s end glory laid out ~
A final supper.


Lost evening bee –
Perhaps one chance before dark ~
Take strength from Christ’s tears.



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