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Tough little flower –

Gets by in its hard corner ~

And never gives up.

New lily blooming –

Hidden among other’s leaves ~

Almost overlooked.

Post rain petrichor –

The garden is drinking deep ~

Lilies battered though.

Barbecue with guests –

A honeysuckle backdrop ~

The steaks smell better.

Lilies grown too tall –

Picking one for my neighbour ~

Vibrant pollen stains.

Fly on a lily –

Peaceful pause in a short life ~

I could learn from it.

First dahlia bloom –

Slugs have found it already ~

Slimy feckless rogues.

Japanese Bindweed –

Swallowing the hedge slowly ~

Nice flower though.

Torrential rain –

House Sparrows are soaking wet ~

Flowers seem happy.

Chinese peony –

Just one flower ev’ry year ~

The better for that.

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