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Chill Autumn morning –

Night’s rainfall has left its mark ~

Jewelled surprises.

The last dahlias –

Some heads bent with their own weight ~

Hold mine high for them.

Sunny and windy –

What we call ‘Odin weather’ ~

Sheltered nerines sway.

Japanese Bindweed –

Beating the briars for light ~

Busy bees approve.

Deadheading lilies –

Leaves left as fuel for next year ~

Still taller than me.

Burdened by their weight –

Gladioli bent over ~

Ready for the vase.

An audacious snail –

Sits drunk on my dahlias ~

I leave him to it.

A washout summer –

Nothing to look forward to ~

Flowers seem happy.

Delayed garden job –

Bag tulip bulbs for storage ~

Half now lost to mould.

Dahlias in bloom –

Not as many as last year ~

Each a little star.

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