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Potting Dahlias –

A different type of work ~

Pleasantly thought free.

The flowers come back –

No matter how hard it’s been ~

My Mother’s wisdom.

Welcome rain shower –

Adds jewels to the tulips ~

Soon lost to the Sun.

Colourful flowers –

A good mix is important ~

Don’t forget the white.

Daffodils waning –

Tulips now taking over ~

Changing Colour Guards.

Garden in blossom –

Cherry tree needed pruning ~

I’m glad I didn’t.

A field left uncut –

Dandelion feast for the bees ~

Simple ideas.

Lockdown garden fleurs –

Swaying gently in the breeze ~

Hard to photograph.

Tulips nearing bloom –

The stems, often overlooked ~

Their moment to shine.


Grabs more of my attention ~

Also that of slugs.

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