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First yoga lesson –

Cars on cobbles pass outside ~

Sounds add to my calm.

Grasses become weeds –

Chop chop jobs for the weekend ~

The snail, caring not.

The last of the flies –
Must think that he’s a legend ~
In his scheme of things.


Fish appear to sleep –
Stationary, for seconds ~
Perhaps that’s enough.


The last Saturday
In my thirties – seems endless ~
Ah, my watch has stopped…


The Past is just that –
Future remains to be seen ~
So live in the Now.

Moon, Sun and Garden –
All points in a triangle ~
Lit by each other.


Lessons are over –
Still can’t copy Van Dongen ~
The oil is still wet…


Now I’ve got my left lense out

The crescent moon blur seems to shout

this is how you always see

the world about and those around me.

Bifocal still but not complete

Clear / Crystalline / blurred compete.

I see alot, maybe more than most?

But remaining still the untold ghost

an image there, an outline here

What exactly it is remains unclear.

Judge Distance, perceive good and woe

Still you’re fucked if you know what you don’t know.

The both lenses out, all is gone.

Ignorance or Apathy which I sometimes don.

Soon, All needful knowledge I’ll win:

Next morning lenses go back in.


From ‘The Little Black Book’, 20-6-1992

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