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The flowers come back –

No matter how hard it’s been ~

My Mother’s wisdom.

Magnolia bloom –

As old as the dinosaurs ~

Makes me feel younger.

Magnolia blooms –

Battered by the growing wind ~

White plates on the lawn.

Magnolia blooms –

My Mother’s garden renews ~

‘Sure that soil is spent’

Her mother famously said –

She was gloriously wrong.

Magnolia blooms –

Steal my attention, until ~

Those of the cherry. 


Magnolia blooms –
Reminding me once again ~
Sneezing dinosaurs.


Spring’s dinner service –
Magnolia flowers ~ plates –
All set for the bees.



Mangan’s Róisín Dubh –
Framed by White Magnolia ~
Hopeful that it’s Spring.


In bloom, so you are,
Grand flowers, plates, ersatz leaves ~
The better for that.

The first of your kind:
Made Ceratopsians sneeze ~
A shock of colour.

Pruning suits you not,
and sure, why should it? Pointless ~
Give us more flowers.

This land is so old,
doesn’t even realise,
How evil it is…

… but after each Spring,
you blanket the soil ~ a gift:
A bed for Angels.

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