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Morning Glory bloom –

Stands stiffly to attention ~

But I need to pee.

Training course online –

Works well from the home office ~

Miss Vienna though.

Cycling with the boy –

Get him his first rock shandy ~

It doesn’t last long.

Chats with my uncles –

I just shut up and listen ~

Old table wisdom.

Looking at a rock –

One cannot just think ‘a rock’ ~

Geology brain.

For Prof. George Sevastopulo, RIP.

Tending indoor plants –

They all need some care, but one ~

Mother-in-Law’s tongue.

Treating old timber –

Brushing over woodworm holes ~

I hope they’re old too.

Buying a maple –

None of the large ones look well ~

I choose the smallest.

Daughter makes muffins –

They look and smell very good ~

I get the last one.

A brief chance to sleep –

The house is empty and quiet ~

The cat jumps on me.

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