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Sorting through old toys –

Finding leaking batteries ~

Science, please sort that.

Deeds, words, art, garden –

Pottering, safely, at home ~


Put food out for birds –

Seems to be eaten quickly ~

Then I spot squirrel.

Piles of newspapers –

Do get through them in the end ~

Keep the odd clipping.

Restricting movements –

Waiting for her test results ~

Hope it’s just a cough.

Winter game menu –

Venison, mallard, pheasant ~

All of which tastes young.

Amaryllis bloom –

Little bit of Africa ~

Brightens up the day.

Evenings darken –

Time for gardening reduced ~

Might buy some flood lights.

Dig up dahlias –

Preparing them for Winter ~

Some have turned to mush.

Oi! Canna lily!

I see you have bloomed at last ~

Warmer Novembers.

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