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Ten Haiku for Fighter Pilots.


The ‘Joy of Action’ –
and the ‘Passion of the Hunt’ –
Foes falling ~ blue skies.


The race for faster –
but throttle back, close the curve –
This gives you the shot.


I am going down –
On fire ~ I know I’ve seconds –
Smiling ~ grass in wind.


Ach! Ground based thinking –
Don’t direct us, we know best –
Elite ~ let us work.

Worth it

We Scramble, scramble –
Still half-pissed ~ the strength in Youth –
Her lavender dawn.


I am recycled –
again and again ~ Expert –
Pride ~ but with no choice.


My notched walking stick –
Shows my victories ~ counted –
Prefer my leg, back.


At night, so wired now –
~they think it’s automatic –
So little, they know.

Un RĂªve

On these TV shows…
A dying breed, proud stories –
They miss fallen friends.


The dogfight – intense –
My best flying ~ sharp bright light –
Jesus – brings me home.

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So many lunches –
A comfortable friendship ~
Use our mitts to eat.

Outside, time is passing by ~
and to each, their own moment.


Grateful acceptance of Poetry Palace award for week 54.

I wish to nominate ‘Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars’ for the next award. ‘We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the kerb.’

Clean nails, unbitten –
Small Man, learning what matters –
A sure, firm, handshake.

A Tickle Monster –
Makes small children squirm and squeal ~
Saturday morning.

His emotive words –
Lead good boys and girls ~ willing –
To their destruction.

Hummingbird fast hands –
Final crescendo, brings smiles ~
They always want more.

Shaking hands, kisses –
Good friends ~ sharing Sunday lunch –
Real conversation.

For once: welcome mouse –
He had the vision ~ point, click –
The world is now yours.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs (24-2-1955 ~ 5-10-2011)

His hands are like spades –
Yet they make craft ~ so finely –
they survive all waves.

Ev’rything you see –
Has been shaped ~ from thought to truth –
By finger and thumb.

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