Archives for the month of: October, 2013

Road widening work –
Things must give way, curve to straight ~
But, the old tree too?


Move without thinking –
To check the kids before sleep ~
Forget they’re not there.

A wide ring –
The second finger –
Not wed yet.

Rollercoaster ride –
A veteran, beside me ~
His leg, stored elsewhere.

Such a big country –
Still finding itself, daily ~
With many canyons.

Pocket flap askew –
She fixes it, as we part ~
It’s small things that count.

Been hit hard, again –
Beaten, but not defeated ~
Head down – chin up.


Take a Dublinbike –
Early for the next meeting ~
Time by the canal.


That smell of lateness –
When anything might happen ~
Roaring in the ears.


Fish appear to sleep –
Stationary, for seconds ~
Perhaps that’s enough.


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