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Home late from the trip –

Dragging suit and self inside ~

Warm hug from the Boy.

My Mom, so funny –

With her cozy sausage rolls ~

Granite foundation.

Beautiful morning

Thinking of those whom I love ~

The wind in the trees.



An Autumn morning –
Cooler and cooler it gets ~
Yet I feel warmer.


A lotus blossom –
Growing redder over time ~
As nice words are said. 

An older couple –
Her arm around him, stroking ~
The last of his hair.

Anniversary –
The years not long in passing ~
Lemon scented rose.


Raising a clenched fist –
Walking away from revenge ~
Setting example.


With a quail’s wishbone –
Good for a small wish, perhaps ~
Need a T. Rex’s.


That soil earth shock smell –
Rain that’s somewhat overdue ~
She’s holding my hand.


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