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Spider explosion-

Trying not to disturb them ~

Then they move their webs.


Swimming facing down –

Chasing the sun sand ripples ~

Small fish ignore me.

Two moped girls pass –

The passenger is stroking

Driver’s ponytail.

Contact lens bubbles –

I brought a set of ten pairs ~

Helps to measure time.

Swim to the island –

A church once stood here ~

Now, a lost sarong.

A holiday ends –

Inflatables left behind ~

Drifting in the breeze.

A moment of calm –

Deciding what to read next ~

Or to read at all.

Pittosporum scent

Earlier this year than last ~

Hopes for more to come.

Bought plant today –

Jazz playing as I did so ~

Won’t let this one die.

First yoga lesson –

Cars on cobbles pass outside ~

Sounds add to my calm.

Retracing my steps –

Make it down to the river ~

Different person.

Passing Joyce Tower –

A quartile on the way home ~

Across Dublin’s range.

A cat’s front paws, tucked –

Universal given traits ~

Behold excellence.

Slugs and snail traces –

Old gravestone mapped in sunshine ~

Zigzag of trenches.

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