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The shy hellebores –

My uncle’s firm favorite ~

Spring garden candied.

The first daffodil –

Bright herald of more to come ~

Buds ready to burst.

Growing impatient –

Things moving slowly this year ~

The first daffodil.

New hyacinth blooms –

Filling the room with their scent ~

Ignoring the rain.

At Killiney Beach –

Perfect for a lockdown walk ~

Too many think so.

Dalkey Island Sound –

A good place to pause and think ~

His ashes, long gone.

Long day gardening –

Finally sat down to rest ~

With naked ladies.

My neighbor’s pigeons –

Evening sun in their wings ~

Trained by the whistle.

Pittosporum scent –

Strong, mornings and evenings ~

Bracketing the day.

Something to enjoy –

Most pleasure I’ve had in weeks ~

The single new frond.

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