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Taking lunch outside –

Salami curls in the sun ~

Pleasure in small things.

At rest, in silence –

Coming out of the tunnel ~

The tiniest stone.

Marginalia –
A pavement in Arlington ~
The surface of Mars.

(After Gordana Gerskovic)


Smallest fern, a weed –

Perhaps most enjoyable ~

The garden’s secret.


Fizzy dinosaurs –
Champagne tops now repurposed ~
Rescues from the bin.



Looking for meaning –
Centenary awaited ~
Just another day.


Flower, not so big –
Verge-side, at its best, happy ~
Perhaps best of all.


Morning sea scent breeze –
Freshens motorway margins ~
Horsetails popping up.


Marginalia –
On the walk to work today ~
Almost miss the bus.


Autumn flies’ last chance –
Dancing flight in dusky light ~
Life on the margins.

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