Archives for the month of: January, 2015

Little gusts outside –
Dislodged snow, slowing shifting ~
Her shallow breathing.

Surprising breeze sounds –
Dislodged snow slowing shifting ~
Her breaths are shallow.

She shifts on her side –
Rhythmic breaths, at rest for now ~
Before my snoring.

Old technology –
Could yet still work perfectly ~
Just too expensive.






Winter evening –
Miss the structured walk of ants ~
The bumble of bees.

Robots, Heroes, Tanks –
Carnage unprecedented ~
Small Man’s room, at rest.

Forgotten ant trap –
On the frosty windowsill ~
Waiting for Summer.


Fizzy dinosaurs –
Champagne tops now repurposed ~
Rescues from the bin.



Nearby river sound –
Night in a warm log cabin ~
New Year’s cold moonlight.

Soothing river sound –
Marking New Year in the woods –
Bathing in moonlight.

Soothing river sound –
Ensconced in a warm cabin ~
But I need to pee.


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