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Cat deigns to visit –

Meows, prodding with her feet ~

Looking for weakness.

Young birds out training –

Under a fingernail moon ~

Flying sideways eights.

Gaze up at infinity –

The cat, distracted by grass.

Missing spectacles –

Turn up weeks later, mangled ~

With kitty teeth marks…

A cat’s front paws, tucked –

Universal given traits ~

Behold excellence.

Kittens padding down –

Slowly, the patrol returns ~

Supreme arrogance.

Cat wagging its tail –

Very amused by something ~

That we cannot see.

Two kittens sleeping –
Smiling and kicking in dreams ~
Little raptor claws. 

Stroking kitten ears –
Collagen shell shaped beauty ~  
Ignores the TV.

Felled cat by the road –
Still, unclaimed – a pink collar ~
Somewhere, her fears grow.

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