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Lockdown garden fleurs –

Swaying gently in the breeze ~

Hard to photograph.

Marking a milestone –

One year working from my shed ~

Sid hasn’t noticed.

Growing impatient –

Things moving slowly this year ~

The first daffodil.

Fritillaria –

Poking its head up for Spring ~

Crown Imperial.

Lemon tree in bloom –

A bit early for the bees ~

Pollinate with brush.

Feast of St. Brigid –

Make her cross with the wrong reeds ~

A minor penance.

New hyacinth blooms –

Filling the room with their scent ~

Ignoring the rain.

Missing spectacles –

Turn up weeks later, mangled ~

With kitty teeth marks…

Bright frosty morning –

Halve an apple for blackbird ~

Precise little pecks.

At Killiney Beach –

Perfect for a lockdown walk ~

Too many think so.

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