Archives for the month of: June, 2013

With paper and beer –
Last Sunday of my thirties ~
Enjoying Myers.


The last Saturday
In my thirties – seems endless ~
Ah, my watch has stopped…


At Heliopause –
Become aware of her breath ~
The edge of darkness.

Friday Afternoon –
Getting a vintage haircut ~
Fit for the forties…


Grey gloomy morning –
Last Thursday of my thirties ~
Passing through gateways.


Beautiful morning –
Last Wednesday of my thirties ~
The stream, flowing on.


Evening bloom scent –
Such carefully planned planting ~
I, alone, outside.

Working on playlist –
DJ nods his approval ~
Victories persist.

Callas played loudly –
The daughter, singing along ~
The mother, smiling.

The Past is just that –
Future remains to be seen ~
So live in the Now.

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