Archives for the month of: May, 2013

To the playground now –
The sound of one hundred squeals ~
An aural hemlock.

At St. Stephen’s Green –
After some darker moments ~
Brightness comes again.


This is your last night –
and so, I’m reading to you ~
The best of haiku.

‘Plum trees are in bloom –
The long night brings the new dawn ~
My time, come at last.’

Bogart Amadeus Cleary – 2001-2013 – At peace.

Pittosporum scent-
There you are again ~ pity ~
It is Sunday night.


Moon, Sun and Garden –
All points in a triangle ~
Lit by each other.


After the goodbyes –
Flying over lightning storms ~
Something in the eye.

Daffodils are spent
and need to be dead headed ~
How quickly things pass.

[Safe home Cmdr Hadfield]


Sunlit window frames –
Piston engines overhead ~
Gin and cucumber.

Pentre Mawr sunset –
Vale of Clwd, shock of Spring ~
Nothing new for oaks.


Two hours hard labour –
Dumper truck full of split wood ~
Holiday for brain.