Archives for the month of: August, 2015

Distant sunset clouds –
Make believe a mountain range ~
Time is speeded up. 

Poles clang, sail and flag –
Small dinosaurs, signing off ~
Recalling Tang verse. 


Under ceiling fans –
The insect music outside ~
Friends, further away.


Go fishing again –
Finally catch one, for once ~
Throw it back, happy. 


Seeing things anew –
Sharing, with others in mind ~
Recharging ourselves.


Look at the island –
Floating over the corals ~
Laughter, suddenly. 


Snorkeling the reef –
Losing count of the new fish ~
Forgetting to breathe.


To Sleeping Giant –
A garden by his belly ~
The most gentle shapes. 






Chewing sugar cane –
Contentedly, in the sun ~
But birds want my crisps. 


A sleeping giant –

Roused by the morning Sun ~

Iron shirts to birdsong.  


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