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Magnolia blooms –

My Mother’s garden renews ~

‘Sure that soil is spent’

Her mother famously said –

She was gloriously wrong.

Rusticated walls –
Wood posing as stone, falseness ~
Most unlike the man.

The farm, the garden in bloom ~
Here he is, feeding the world.


You taught violin –

Shafts of light in the school day ~

Sister among boys –

I think we were your children –

and I want to thank you now.

Post flight, wait for bags –
The carousel, they arrive ~
Old nun, beside him.

He stays to help her with hers –
Why do we do that? Strange beasts.


Trudging Oakley Road –
Heavy bags cutting fingers ~
Recalls student days.

Housewarming a friend’s new home ~
Much the same, much also changed.


Once, we were hunting –
Two taken down ~ second lost –
Lost in the bracken.

It was down, deserved honour –
Boy, driven mad seeking it.

Arranging three shapes –
Neutral ~ outline form, shadow ~
Red green, yellow green…

Fill in the blue white background –
Only now, ready to paint.


Hoheria blooms –
Finally, Summer is here –
White flower carpet.

Excited bees, ‘gainst the clock
Flowers falling, soft warm snow.

So many lunches –
A comfortable friendship ~
Use our mitts to eat.

Outside, time is passing by ~
and to each, their own moment.


Grateful acceptance of Poetry Palace award for week 54.

I wish to nominate ‘Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars’ for the next award. ‘We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the kerb.’


This deep dream we share –
Of jumping high and so far ~
Ancestor echoes.


Our backs to the fire –
Facing into the deep dark –
Some watch while some sleep.


The flint is fashioned –
Nodule to tool ~ final form –
Seen in the mind’s eye.


Felled mammoth’s last breath –
Comes after much waiting ~ watched –
We give it its time.


The dark ones attack –
We shield the women –
We kill ~ no remorse.


All mums are busy –
Gathering the ripened fruits –
A time to take stock.

Meat has given us time ~ now –
We shape the world ~ bit by bit.


Blow paint on the hand –
Leaves a mark on the cave wall –
Wave to the future.


The Ice grows bigger –
Scouring away all our work –
and so we move South.

We meet the others ~ a truce –
The first child ~ hybrid vigour.


Mammoths excepted –
We’re the only animal –
That tends to our dead.


As leaves slowly fall –
Viewed ~ a new phenomenon –
Someone feels for them.

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