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Big gardening day –

Pittosporum chopped right down ~

Blinding autumn light.

Old bamboo thicket –

Creating Komorebi ~

Forms a boundary.

Fat snowflakes falling –

A top floor nightclub lit up ~

A city’s flurries.

These shadowed canyons –

Of Man’s making, per his needs ~

Artificial light. 


Corner of the eye –
Ghost, maybe a floater, or ~
Fleckin’ Mosquito…

Little orange coins –
Tossed against the Winter sky ~
Light’s final flourish.



Autumn leaves in light –
Their dying burst of colour ~
A moment of peace.


(Thanks to Suzanne for the inspiration, and to Ljubica for the use of her wonderful photography)

At St. Stephen’s Green –
After some darker moments ~
Brightness comes again.


Moon, Sun and Garden –
All points in a triangle ~
Lit by each other.


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