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Family picnic –

Swifts circling, feed on the wing ~

A fine stand of pines.

Happy Father’s Day –

Go easy on yourself, Men ~

We all have our flaws.

A family lunch –

I don’t care where I’m sitting ~

Each of them that good.

Descending through clouds –

Evocative fluffiness ~

Son’s first curly hair.

Home late from the trip –

Dragging suit and self inside ~

Warm hug from the Boy.

Last front house sun days –

Manipulating the ants ~

Clear generations.

My Mom, so funny –

With her cozy sausage rolls ~

Granite foundation.

Peeling an orange –

‘Roll it first on the table’ ~

Daughter’s YouTube hints.

Family table –

So many hands joined in Grace ~

Kids playing beneath.

Magnolia blooms –

My Mother’s garden renews ~

‘Sure that soil is spent’

Her mother famously said –

She was gloriously wrong.

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