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My brother’s birthday –

Fifteen years now since he passed ~

A drink for him, too.

Boy’s Confirmation –

‘You are my beloved ~

My favour rests on you.’

Chats with my uncles –

I just shut up and listen ~

Old table wisdom.

Daughter makes muffins –

They look and smell very good ~

I get the last one.

The pick up from school –

A window for listening ~

The welcome traffic.

Family event –
Anecdotes, food, drink, laughter ~
Pachelbel’s Canon.

Caressing old things –

Inherited furniture ~

Housing memories.

Butterflies about –

Remind me of my forebears ~

Watching over me.

Trip to town for lunch –

Good to see old haunts open ~

Ukiyo ramen.

A birthday present –

My always thoughtful sister ~

Toolbox dinosaurs!

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