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Riverside picnic –

Passerby leave us in peace ~

Heron inspects us.

A surprise visit –

Uncle and Aunt bearing pots ~

Bursting with lilies.

Quick Grandma visit –

The Boy now taller than her ~

His voice, deepening.

First jab for my Mom –

After a year cocooning ~

The path to freedom.

Snails in old plastic –

My Grandma would have killed them ~

I don’t have the heart.

New plastic bottle snail home –

She’s smiling, shaking her head.

My house, it is small –

‘Yeah, but it’s home’, he then said ~

A wise, welcome guest.

The adults talking –

A silent mezzanine spy ~

Daughter like father.

She’s gone many years –

A lifetime ago, in fact ~

Still missing her though.

Keeping in contact –

By any means possible ~

Now more than ever.

The Sunday papers –

Online call with family ~

Antiques Roadshow, wine.

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