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Trip to town for lunch –

Good to see old haunts open ~

Ukiyo ramen.

A birthday present –

My always thoughtful sister ~

Toolbox dinosaurs!

DNA sample –

My uncle spits in a tube ~

It takes him ages!

A gap in colour –

Seek advice: ‘Roses!’, he says ~

My Uncle’s wisdom.

A family lunch –

Proper pint with my uncle ~

Was worth waiting for.

Family lunch out –

Almost feeling like normal ~

Cozy fish and chips.

Out for a quick walk –

A son and his one uncle ~

The important men.

Riverside picnic –

Passerby leave us in peace ~

Heron inspects us.

A surprise visit –

Uncle and Aunt bearing pots ~

Bursting with lilies.

Quick Grandma visit –

The Boy now taller than her ~

His voice, deepening.

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