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‘Planes land and take off –
With millions of stories ~
Bringing people home. 


End of a good day –
Lighting a beach fire with flint ~
Making memories.


Annapolis trip –

Visiting with a good friend ~

Sharing memories. 

Distaff family –

How I love thee so ~ but still ~

I’m glad for the boy. 

Distaff family –

Much joy with thee, yet more when ~

Small Man holds my hand. 

Father at his place –

As different as equal ~

Yet it must be earned. 

Log in, work from home –

Mama fox and cubs gambol ~

Look at the smart ones. 



Family visit –
So nice, chattering voices ~
The crickets, chirping.

Good aspects of life –
A wife, strong kids, and a home ~


An enormous church –
No candle to light my own ~
…and then I find you.


With a quail’s wishbone –
Good for a small wish, perhaps ~
Need a T. Rex’s.


This is your last night –
and so, I’m reading to you ~
The best of haiku.

‘Plum trees are in bloom –
The long night brings the new dawn ~
My time, come at last.’

Bogart Amadeus Cleary – 2001-2013 – At peace.