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My old Corgi bus –

Withstood immense punishment ~

Saved for me by Mom.

Easter egg hunting –

Sun high and warm already ~

Quick, before they melt!

Descending through clouds –

Evocative fluffiness ~

Son’s first curly hair.

Dada tooth fairy –

Travels very light these days ~

A silent payment.

Family table –

So many hands joined in Grace ~

Kids playing beneath.

Some hands know the soil.
They know what to do with it.
They’re not fine hands, clean hands, they’re rough and thick fingered and calloused but they bring life out of the black and keep a kind of order on the land.
They give firm handshakes.
And hold grandchildren carefully like they hold a china tea cup or a fragile flower.

(For Bob, who knew the land and its people well, RIP).



Working from home day –

Small Man is humming, playing ~

I don’t mind the noise.

Spring humidity –

Brings the year’s first thunderstorm ~

Children greeting Thor. 


Two small frogs, sleeping –
Kicking off the coversheets~
Yet, how cold it is!

Two frogs are chatting –
It is long past their bedtime ~
Just then, stars are born.

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