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The shy hellebores –

My uncle’s firm favorite ~

Spring garden candied.

Challenging yoga –

Struggle with some of the moves ~

Watch goldfinch instead.

February rain –

Dip in my garden fills up ~

I should make a pond.

Garden pottering –

‘Phone elsewhere on the charger ~

A quiet moment.

Dusk is descending –

Last visit to bird feeder ~

Bonbon the field mouse.

Noisy House Sparrows –

The gurriers of the hedge ~

Silent as I pass.

[Gurrier: Noun, from Irish gur cake (“confection consisting of a thick layer of fruit-based filling between two thin layers of pastry, often eaten by poor children”)]

Robin flying past –

Everywhere, the same sound ~

Garden, prison camp.

Niger seed feeder –

Slowly empties, day by day ~

Elusive goldfinch.

Moving dormant pots –

Mister Robin inspecting ~

So I move some more.

Sitting immobile –

Sunny yard, a reading pause ~

Hoverfly inspects.

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