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Sitting immobile –

Sunny yard, a reading pause ~

Hoverfly inspects.

Ground soaking up rain –

Except where I left buckets ~

Signs of New Normal.

Beautiful jasmine –

The scent growing with the dark ~

Yet, the lane is blocked.

Hazy mountain-view –

Framed by fruit trees in full leaf ~

Tiny pears still safe.

Grasses become weeds –

Chop chop jobs for the weekend ~

The snail, caring not.

Pittosporum scent-

There you are again ~ heady ~

Welcoming me home.

Birds bursting hedges –

Noisy house sparrows, fighting ~

Calm Siskin, feeding.

A block of Comté –
Glass of Grüner Veltliner ~
Tomorrow can wait.


Fox in the garden –
Quite welcome, as it happens ~
Come, sit by the fire.


Birds forage the lawn –
Sparrow, blackbird, evensong ~
Garden dinosaurs.



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