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It’s been twenty years –
Might have been seventy years ~
Or one million.

I saw a little bird –
Flying high in the sky –
I don’t know why –
– but I said goodbye.
and he said
‘Who on Earth is she? Maybe she is calling me.’

By Freyja Cleary (aged 7).

A longer walk home –
Days lengthen ~ giving more time ~
Listen to birdsong.


While rocking the wok –
Children sing and dance ~ the song:
‘An Poc ar Buile’!

Pruning Buddleia
Before the Spring really starts ~
Then, of course, it snows.


Smartphones on the bus –
Each their own little Island ~
Ignoring the coughs.


Little Kilquade Church –
Friends sharing a sacrament ~
Warmth of a new Spring.


…and when Death was near –
Archimedes drew the truth ~
Circles in the sand.

Archimedes’ Death

The long bus ride home –
Know where I am, while reading ~
The curve in the road.


Part of Mount Fuji –
Part of a Cherry Blossom ~
The Boson cares not.


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