Trip to town for lunch –

Good to see old haunts open ~

Ukiyo ramen.

Another milestone –

The Boy’s shoe size same as mine ~

Soon he’ll be taller.

Bingeing Olympics –

I don’t care what I’m watching ~

Always sad for fourth.

Tough little flower –

Gets by in its hard corner ~

And never gives up.

My practice rifle –

Each night I take aim and fire ~

Shoot my reflection.

A pain in my heel –

Can’t see a thorn or a shard ~

New companion.

Long grass frames my path –

Caressing me as I pass ~

Not so nice when wet.

New lily blooming –

Hidden among other’s leaves ~

Almost overlooked.

Post rain petrichor –

The garden is drinking deep ~

Lilies battered though.

Sleeping volcanoes –

Just hot enough to cook on ~

Not sure I’d live there.

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