Suddenly rainbows –

My new robin distracts me ~

Look back and they’re gone.

Boy’s Confirmation –

‘You are my beloved ~

My favour rests on you.’

Out for drinks with friends –

Planning on our next outing ~

Brussels must be next.

Chewing antacids –

After 30 years, at last ~

I understand Kurt.

Sunny and windy –

What we call ‘Odin weather’ ~

Sheltered nerines sway.

Picking blackberries –

Before Púca gets them all ~

Some already slimed.

Morning Glory bloom –

Stands stiffly to attention ~

But I need to pee.

Training course online –

Works well from the home office ~

Miss Vienna though.

Cycling with the boy –

Get him his first rock shandy ~

It doesn’t last long.

Chats with my uncles –

I just shut up and listen ~

Old table wisdom.

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