Fern head emergent –

Packaged fractal perfection ~

Promised things to come.

The third brew bottled –

Feeling of accomplishment ~

Setting my own price.

A piece of driftwood –

Wondering how old it is ~

How far it has come.

Potting Dahlias –

A different type of work ~

Pleasantly thought free.

Fledgling house sparrow –

Waiting to be fed by Mom ~

Both fat on my grain.

A stormy May day –

Rain good for the garden, but ~

Cherry blossoms bashed.

The flowers come back –

No matter how hard it’s been ~

My Mother’s wisdom.

Riverside picnic –

Passerby leave us in peace ~

Heron inspects us.

Welcome rain shower –

Adds jewels to the tulips ~

Soon lost to the Sun.

Colourful flowers –

A good mix is important ~

Don’t forget the white.

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