Wearing a face mask –

My glasses are steaming up ~

Beware the lampposts!

At Killiney Beach –

Perfect for a lockdown walk ~

Too many think so.

Bipinnate, glaucous –

The Acacia’s new growth ~

Asking to be touched.

Starting an old book –

It’s surprisingly cozy ~

Stoker’s Dracula.

Warrior pose II –

Trying to remain focused ~

Goldfinch distracts me.

Try to fix a watch-

But I destroy it instead ~

A waste of my time.

Old cassette tape found –

Ghosts of great uncles, singing ~

I can’t stop smiling.

Garden pottering –

‘Phone elsewhere on the charger ~

A quiet moment.

Trying news lenses –

Concentric varifocals ~

Brain fills in the gaps.

Find an old painting –

Did I do that? Old poems ~

Who was it wrote those?

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