Lockdown garden fleurs –

Swaying gently in the breeze ~

Hard to photograph.

Tulips nearing bloom –

The stems, often overlooked ~

Their moment to shine.

First all grain brew done –

Feeling totally knackered ~

But in a good way.

(With thanks to Stu McW for recipe, kit, inspiration and online realtime support!)

Twa corbies nesting –

Second year in my attic ~

Why would I move them?


The parcel arrives –

Grainfather in da house, now ~

Real brewing begins.

First jab for my Mom –

After a year cocooning ~

The path to freedom.

Favourite knife found –

In the unmatched socks bucket ~

Smiling up at me.

His self made album –

A Viennese pianist ~

In my favourites.

Foraging blackbird –

Sounding bigger than it is ~

Worms and bugs beware!

Favourite knife lost –

Found a hole in my pocket ~

Bad luck go with it.

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