Pleasant Autumn day –

Confused insects buzz about ~

Sun’s heat on my shirt.

Back to Cinema –

Too immersed to eat popcorn ~

Fremenlike bladder.

Quick stroll by the stream –

Little Egret stops hunting ~

Still doesn’t trust me.

Temperature drop –

Last chance for the late bloomers ~

Oi! Canna lily!

Watch a good movie –

Trust Engine to find next one ~

Next one not so good.

Swirling fallen leaves –

Good hiding place for fairies ~

And bold demons too.

Reverse the car out –

Realise a tyre is flat ~

New embuggerance.

On the Arts Block ramp –

‘Stout Cortez at the watch! or ~

Maybe slim Cortez…’

For Brendan Kennelly, RIP.

Rare quiet moment –

Time to mentally catch breath ~

A tactical pint.

Chill Autumn morning –

Night’s rainfall has left its mark ~

Jewelled surprises.

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