Seventies movies –

No matter how scary then ~

Seem so cozy now.

Jasmine is blooming –

And blocking the lane again ~

Fragrant conundrum.

White Calla lily –

Making a welcome return ~

Unlike Keith the rat.

Home brew fermenting –

Attach new pipe just in time ~

Bubbling gurgling beast.

An attempt to sleep –

Of all the thoughts in my head ~

Not one lets me rest.

Home brewing outside –

Chinook session IPA ~

Learning by doing.

The fun of gardens –

Self seeding flowers pop up ~

Forgotten foxgloves.

Out for a quick walk –

A son and his one uncle ~

The important men.

Planting lily bulbs –

Bought in mixed bags at discount ~

Perhaps yellow blooms.

Lemon tree near bloom –

Cottony cushion scale too ~

Liquid soap warfare.

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