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Passing Joyce Tower –

A quartile on the way home ~

Across Dublin’s range.

Pittosporum scent-

There you are again ~ heady ~

Welcoming me home.

‘Planes land and take off –
With millions of stories ~
Bringing people home. 

Ambitious spider –

Hoping for a lifetime catch ~

Cobwebbed door handle. 

Old birch, taken down –
It is still weeping, months since ~
Little pool of life.

Newly bought orchid –

Reminder of home, except ~

It can live outside.


Cleary Orchid





Rusticated walls –
Wood posing as stone, falseness ~
Most unlike the man.

The farm, the garden in bloom ~
Here he is, feeding the world.


The ant bites linger –
Long after the job is done ~
Holly tree’s revenge.


Travel far and wide –
Always knowing where you’re from ~
E’er changing Dublin.


Strong hyacinth scent –
Outside, the wind, battering ~
Our place in darkness.


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