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First Cherry Blossom –
For Dublin, as for Japan ~
A resurrection.

And so, there you are –
As much Dublin as Japan ~
First Cherry Blossom.

First Cherry Blossom –
For Dublin, Japan, the World ~
The Resurrection.


An inchoate mob –
Desires its own ends ~ Jesus –
This shitty country.

St. Stephen’s Green paths –
Curved, not straight from A to B ~
The better for that.


More here…

Once, we were hunting –
Two taken down ~ second lost –
Lost in the bracken.

It was down, deserved honour –
Boy, driven mad seeking it.

The frost on the car –
Preserved by photo ~ patterns –
First bird’s plumes to mind.


Hard as nails, you were –
and great with your first grandson ~
Who’s proud of our name.


Cleary: oldest surname in Europe

Sneaky Gryphaea
Waiting all this time, silent ~
Then painted, at last.


BOD, you focking ledge’ –
Even now, at career’s end ~
Making grown men cry.


Remarkable boots –
At first, unapproachable ~
Now, they are best friends.


My Young Gods, asleep –
Protecting the world, ‘neath curls ~
Comets pass us by.

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