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Family table –

So many hands joined in Grace ~

Kids playing beneath.

Hunting mosquitoes –
Now trapped in the tent ~ how sweet –
My blood no longer.

Her red wine stained lips –
Bringing back old memories ~
Have you been feeding?

Aircon and birdsong –
Seems we’ve our own cardinal ~
Red as our mozzies.

You might find yourself –
Very far from home ~ but then ~
It’s not far at all.

[Dedicated to the staff in Rí Rá, Georgetown. Go raibh maith agaibh go léir.]

Listen to Godflesh –
Last bus ~ fits in with the book –
Taliban poems.

Three weeks late you were –
Long hair and long nails ~ all set –
Pretend no more, Son.

That soil earth shock smell –
Rain that’s somewhat overdue ~
She’s holding my hand.


How to remember?
When half your brain’s on the hill –
Forever British…

Hard as nails, you were –
and great with your first grandson ~
Who’s proud of our name.


Cleary: oldest surname in Europe

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