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Trip to town for lunch –

Good to see old haunts open ~

Ukiyo ramen.

A family lunch –

Proper pint with my uncle ~

Was worth waiting for.

Friend’s radio show –

On his Monday morning slot ~

Helps wake up the week.

(For Bill)

Using bad language –

Perhaps I should self censor ~

I will me bollix.

A stormy May day –

Rain good for the garden, but ~

Cherry blossoms bashed.

Twa corbies nesting –

Second year in my attic ~

Why would I move them?

An injured seagull –

Left leg seems badly damaged ~

Still preening and proud.

Bullock harbour lunch-

Stealing no more than moments ~

Unlike the Vikings.

My house, it is small –

‘Yeah, but it’s home’, he then said ~

A wise, welcome guest.

Church bells ring for six –

Birds crankily settle down ~

Rain falling, softly.

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