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First yoga lesson –

Cars on cobbles pass outside ~

Sounds add to my calm.


Passing Joyce Tower –

A quartile on the way home ~

Across Dublin’s range.

Last front house sun days –

Manipulating the ants ~

Clear generations.

Hazy mountain-view –

Framed by fruit trees in full leaf ~

Tiny pears still safe.

A Monday haircut –

Shut in, the last customer ~

Free beer a nice touch.

Pittosporum scent-

There you are again ~ heady ~

Welcoming me home.

Family table –

So many hands joined in Grace ~

Kids playing beneath.

Magnolia blooms –

My Mother’s garden renews ~

‘Sure that soil is spent’

Her mother famously said –

She was gloriously wrong.

A marble fireplace –

Anastomosing patterns ~

Long since understood.

(For Dave Johnston, a great teacher)

Victorian Pub –

Stories stored in its timber ~

Nice curve on that bar.

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