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Pittosporum scent –

Strong, mornings and evenings ~

Bracketing the day.

Snow melts to filthy –

Carrot, patio marooned ~

And yet, we made him.

Faded photograph –

A surprising reminder ~

The aging chassis.

Sound of chimney wind –

Gives February gusts a voice ~

Old memories.

Read older haiku –
Thinking on how much has changed ~
And how much has not.

Another morning – 

Minded of one just as bright ~ 



Anniversary –

A joyous year, passing by ~

White petals, floating. 


Her red wine stained lips –
Bringing back old memories ~
Have you been feeding?

The rain is falling –
On the year’s very last leaves ~
How sweet is the sound.


Looking for meaning –
Centenary awaited ~
Just another day.


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