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Television on –

Dinosaur finds in the news ~

Find myself smiling.

All the animals –

Infinite variety ~

Tiny fraction known.

A birthday present –

My always thoughtful sister ~

Toolbox dinosaurs!

A starling arrives –

Iridescent aggression ~

Saurian traces.

Continuity –

Clearly you’re a dinosaur ~

Hunting small mammals.

Virginja contrails –
Half moon cut with blue and white ~
Dinosaurs fly through. 

Chewing sugar cane –
Contentedly, in the sun ~
But birds want my crisps. 


Fizzy dinosaurs –
Champagne tops now repurposed ~
Rescues from the bin.



The dinosaur’s nose –
Offended, like me today ~
Stinky ginkgo fruit.




Magnolia blooms –
Reminding me once again ~
Sneezing dinosaurs.


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