Archives for the month of: January, 2013

Messages adrift –
A low probability ~
and yet, here you are.


Tarmac at Grandma’s –
Ants in the Sun, witnesses ~
A silent Grandeur.

Incredible calm –
An Island, in a still sea ~
Trinity, a home.


Break in new boots –
Umpteenth time in twenty five years ~
Compeed, I love you.


Annual poem –
That I cannot wait to write ~
First cherry blossom.

Unhappy worker –
When you punched the hole, off centre ~
Did you not know that the soldier was your brother?


A very cold night –
With an unforeseen bonus ~
The snap of her silk.

Titanium White –
Crimson, Lemon, Cobalt Blue ~
Thoughts, first oils class soon…


Cold breeze by the stream –
Carries with it a fresh scent ~
of dumped Christmas trees.

Always, with Death, sure –
Renewal ~ from the same source –
Red Amaryllis.


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