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Off cigs twenty years –

Don’t remember the last one ~

Miss them ev’ry day.

Another milestone –

The Boy’s shoe size same as mine ~

Soon he’ll be taller.

A pain in my heel –

Can’t see a thorn or a shard ~

New companion.

Making a sandwich –

Less fussy as I grow old ~

The fat on the ham.

A birthday present –

My always thoughtful sister ~

Toolbox dinosaurs!

Magnolia bloom –

As old as the dinosaurs ~

Makes me feel younger.

Watch the Top Forty-

Don’t know any of the songs ~

Nor do I want to.

Increasingly sore-

Joints, fingers, ankles, knees, back ~

Must do more yoga.

Trying news lenses –

Concentric varifocals ~

Brain fills in the gaps.

Find an old painting –

Did I do that? Old poems ~

Who was it wrote those?

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