Archives for the month of: October, 2021

Starting a new book –

I must have ten on the go ~

Some draw you deeper.

Back-to-back work calls –

Miss yoga and lunch again ~

Some good chats too though.

Sodden Fall garden –

‘I walk between the raindrops’ ~

Humming an old tune.

First bus in ages –

Just two maskless idiots ~

Biting my tongue hard.

The tree on the hill –

Drifting, I go there often ~

Ancient archetype.

Taxi into town –

Nice driver but expensive! ~

Worth it to catch up.

Pleasant Autumn day –

Confused insects buzz about ~

Sun’s heat on my shirt.

Back to Cinema –

Too immersed to eat popcorn ~

Fremenlike bladder.

Quick stroll by the stream –

Little Egret stops hunting ~

Still doesn’t trust me.

Temperature drop –

Last chance for the late bloomers ~

Oi! Canna lily!

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