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Japanese Bindweed –

Swallowing the hedge slowly ~

Nice flower though.

Tree-Fern unfurling –

Creating architecture ~

Its own cathedral.

Dahlia patrol –

Torchlight falls on slugs and snails ~

Evacuate them.

A gap in colour –

Seek advice: ‘Roses!’, he says ~

My Uncle’s wisdom.

Garden hose puzzle –

Needs a special connection ~

Finally it clicks.

The first peony –

Not quite ready for the bees ~

Begins to unfurl.

Begonia bulbs –

Last in the queue for potting ~

Make a silly face.

Planting lily bulbs –

Bought in mixed bags at discount ~

Perhaps yellow blooms.

Potting Dahlias –

A different type of work ~

Pleasantly thought free.

Colourful flowers –

A good mix is important ~

Don’t forget the white.

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