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Potting Dahlias –

A different type of work ~

Pleasantly thought free.

Colourful flowers –

A good mix is important ~

Don’t forget the white.

A surprise visit –

Uncle and Aunt bearing pots ~

Bursting with lilies.

Old bulbs in old pots –

Planted well past sell by date ~

Coming up blazing.

Twin Euphorbia

My garden path between them ~

Honey scent surprise.

Garden pottering –

‘Phone elsewhere on the charger ~

A quiet moment.

Long day gardening –

Finally sat down to rest ~

With naked ladies.

Peter the Bluetit –

Freddy the Robin redbreast ~

I’m in their world now.

Overdue rain smell –

The office door slams behind ~

Bring rescued plants home.

Some hands know the soil.
They know what to do with it.
They’re not fine hands, clean hands, they’re rough and thick fingered and calloused but they bring life out of the black and keep a kind of order on the land.
They give firm handshakes.
And hold grandchildren carefully like they hold a china tea cup or a fragile flower.

(For Bob, who knew the land and its people well, RIP).



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