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Little orange coins –
Tossed against the Winter sky ~
Light’s final flourish.



That smell of lateness –
When anything might happen ~
Roaring in the ears.


A candle burns bright –
Simple symbol, hope and love ~
Quantum Mechanics.


‘But why do things break?’ –
Nature likes to break things down ~
We are all from stars.

Messages adrift –
A low probability ~
and yet, here you are.


Twenty years ago ~
Walk into the wrong lecture…
She is now my Wife.

Helping a stranger –
No change for his bus, at dawn ~
Wallet full of notes.

He’s from Morava
Trying to visit his boy ~
Honourable Dad.

A chance encounter –
At the deserted crossroads ~
Make a difference.

[Best of luck Larry, hope it all works out. ]

As if you could go back and change things
As if that would make it better, or worse
that a smell from an old piece of furniture
could bring them back ~ it brings them back.

As if that each time you take off you are fine
would each moment be calm, or enough done?
As if you had parallel lives and chances, many goes
many goes at doing all that could have been…

As if, a languid afternoon lasted longer
Lasted longer, as she stretches, like a cat
As if we had time, and means to use time
and means to allow the if.

As if you could remember, each moment
each moment so perfect, the little guys ~
Little people in their perfection; mainly photos
and videos record their moments of genius of if.

Typically, things could be much worse, as if
we don’t know that; as if wondering if the other roads
are worth taking is useful, as if that could be known ~
We’re on a grand road, surely, sure? As if…

If, by chance –
Forget how to play ~
Try again.


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