Nature’s Bulldozer

This curious thing:
A wall of white, approaching –
We are in retreat.

Ice wall advancing –
Erasing past and future –
The road not taken.

Ice melts, retreating-
Concrete eskers, black morraines –
Ruins, roads ~ ground ~ dust.

Melt waters, flowing –
Red bricks, lining fresh cold streams –
The deepest of clean.

[There is nothing new under the Sun]

He’s by the river –
Unaware, of detail, past –
The salmon, returned.

Click here for my speech introducing my friend Dave Walsh’s ‘The Cold Edge’ polar photography exhibition, including a reading of this poem.

The Second Tower

The Second went in –
We watched it on live TV –
and everything changed.

Real-time, slow motion –
History before our eyes –
Like a big movie.

Very few wounded –
Grey dust, choking ~ engulfing –
Choice without choice: Jump.

September blue skies –
Go black, an eclipse ~ darkness –
Skyline is changing.

Ghosts emerging ~ White –
After the roar, silence, ‘cept –
Uncertain sirens.

Perfect Poets Award

The First Tower

Ruins, in mid air –
Later cleared away ~ all pieces –
Timeless imagery.

Big things are pulled down –
Evil men act, in strange thoughts –
The Good will rebuild.

Debris, falling slow –
We don’t want it to happen –
but it’s live, it’s news.

Transience ~ who knows?
When he leaves in the morning –
Kiss him, kiss goodbye.

Long lines donating –
Unheard of blood-groups emerge –
We are together.


Moving through ruins –
Room by room, and floor by floor –
Broken glass ~ wind keens.

We’ve taken the hue –
Of this city’s dust ~ greyscape –
on our young faces.

Enemy unseen –
This, wearing on our senses –
Shush, sudden death lurks…

Let’s rest by a wall –
Read a letter ~ share a smoke –
Darkness is falling.


Big fires are burning –
Orange tinged sky ~ in the cold –
We keep out of sight.

[We cast no shadows]

Martin cracks a joke –
In utter fatigue ~ laughter –
Moment of respite.

It’s my watch tonight –
but the lads each help, in turn ~
together, ’till light.

Moving through ruins –
One block at a time ~ slowly –
’tis for you, we fight.