The First Tower

Ruins, in mid air –
Later cleared away ~ all pieces –
Timeless imagery.

Big things are pulled down –
Evil men act, in strange thoughts –
The Good will rebuild.

Debris, falling slow –
We don’t want it to happen –
but it’s live, it’s news.

Transience ~ who knows?
When he leaves in the morning –
Kiss him, kiss goodbye.

Long lines donating –
Unheard of blood-groups emerge –
We are together.

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A native of Dublin, Ireland. When not busy with work or family, I try to create new stuff using words and pictures, often with a scientific theme. Thanks for visiting.

8 thoughts on “The First Tower”

  1. Thank you for this. Ten years on, I no longer feel anger toward those responsible. I only feel sad.

    Sad for those who lost their lives, and sad that even now the situation still has not been resolved.

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