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Barbecue with guests –

A honeysuckle backdrop ~

The steaks smell better.

Sampling friend’s homebrew –

He has the kegs all set up ~

Bohemia wins.

Two people, grieving –

Listening, having good chats ~

Agree Bach is best.

Driving range with friend –

Eight years since I’ve hit a ball.

Nail it, and again.

Messing with candles –

Old friends around a table ~

A circle of light.

New friends, like old friends –

Perusing my library ~

Easy company.

Friend’s radio show –

On his Monday morning slot ~

Helps wake up the week.

(For Bill)

First all grain brew done –

Feeling totally knackered ~

But in a good way.

(With thanks to Stu McW for recipe, kit, inspiration and online realtime support!)

My house, it is small –

‘Yeah, but it’s home’, he then said ~

A wise, welcome guest.

Keeping in contact –

By any means possible ~

Now more than ever.

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