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Treating old timber –

Brushing over woodworm holes ~

I hope they’re old too.

Save a drowning bug –

Eejit jumps back in again~

Rescue it once more.

Fly on a lily –

Peaceful pause in a short life ~

I could learn from it.

Lemon tree near bloom –

Cottony cushion scale too ~

Liquid soap warfare.

Foraging blackbird –

Sounding bigger than it is ~

Worms and bugs beware!

Swarms of tiny flies –

Lit up by afternoon sun ~

Crazy dance of life.

Sitting immobile –

Sunny yard, a reading pause ~

Hoverfly inspects.

Explaining prime numbers-

Daughter interrupts ~

Drags me back down the hill.

Much bigger ants here –

Trying hard not to kill them ~

Some kamikaze.

Working on the roof –
Above the noise, amid green ~
Dragonfly, also. 

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