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Watching great snooker –
Coughing in the audience ~
More noticeable.

Surprise London trip –

Daughter seeing Hamilton ~

Yay negative tests!

Cancelling a trip –

An abundance of caution ~

This focking virus.

Restricting movements –

Waiting for her test results ~

Hope it’s just a cough.

Training course online –

Works well from the home office ~

Miss Vienna though.

Second jab goes in –

Google for the side effects ~

Guess I’ll wait and see.

The Boy’s school poem –

Funny, topical, rhyming ~

Very proud Dada.

We have missed sports, buddies, football and more.
COVID has definitely been quite a chore.
But when we’re older we will be able to tell so many stories.
We have played so many games such as scattergories
We have turned into cavemen with a mountain of hair on our head,
Attending zoom calls eating pot noodles in our bed.

We eat our food as we wish,
My bedroom is filled dish after dish.
Covid is like being hit by a brick wall,
But at least we have football volleyball.
COVID will be over soon
But in the meantime do something productive you lanky spoon

(Odin Cleary, Sixth Class)

Peter the Bluetit –

Freddy the Robin redbreast ~

I’m in their world now.

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