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This page gives details of books and other publications etc. that include words and/ or images from this blog.

1: Dinosaur Poems
Starting with ‘Dinosaur Poems’, this first book contains Indian ink drawings and poems about Dinosaurs and their relatives, as well as a prolog set in the Lower Carboniferous and an epilog set in the Holocene.

For the large format version shown above on the leftclick here
For the small format version shown above on the right click here

All profits from sales of this book will go to

Update: An e-book: (click here) is also now available.

2: The Cold Edge
A collaboration with friend Dave Walsh has led to the inclusion of some haiku/ short poems inspired by his remarkable Polar photography, in a book available here: ‘The Cold Edge’.


3: Selected Haiku
A current project involves selecting a set of haiku from the last few years and compiling them in an illustrated book. If you have any favourites please leave a comment on this page, and it could be included.


‘Numbers don’t exist –
But they can have their uses ~
Counting falling leaves’

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