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A stormy May day –

Rain good for the garden, but ~

Cherry blossoms bashed.

Buffeted by wind –

And by life in general ~

Head down and chin up.

Magnolia blooms –

Battered by the growing wind ~

White plates on the lawn.

Rain, then stormy wind –

Handy and tricky in turn ~

Folding tarpaulins.

Sound of chimney wind –

Gives February gusts a voice ~

Old memories.

Wind-bent bamboo screen –
Orion’s belt clears the trees ~
As do the jet ‘planes.

Strong blustery wind –
Removes the last of the leaves ~
The last seeds, also.


Carrowniskey Beach –
A Pterosaur flies again ~
High on the sea air.


Spring eve lane-way breeze –
Roaring past a child’s room’s vent ~
Must be Totoro.


Forge closed on Sunday –
Old scrap iron and windswept steel ~
Awaiting rebirth.




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