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In 2011, this blog started as an experimental exercise, written over the course of a year (March 2011 – February 2012), consisting of a series of poems, in sets of at least ten, each set with a theme. The themes are ‘War’, ‘Dinosaurs’, ‘Trees’, ‘Water’, ‘Sound’, ‘Youth’, ‘Ancient Man’, ‘Ruins’, ‘Hands’, ‘Fighter’, ‘Analytics’, ‘Polar Haiku’, ‘Tea’ and ‘Europa’.

A process of illustrating each set of poems is ongoing; starting with ‘Dinosaurs’; there is a book, ‘Dinosaur Poems’, now available.

Meanwhile, a series of haiku continue, sometimes accompanied by photos, which might be termed ‘Haito’. The themes keep popping up, too.

A collaboration with friend Dave Walsh has led to the inclusion of some haiku/ short poems inspired by his remarkable Polar photography, in a book available here: ‘The Cold Edge’.

Thanks for visiting. Feedback welcome.

Earlier and continuous stuff, not always on this blog, here: ‘@duncancleary’

The background image on this blog was taken on Indian Wells Beach, Amagansett, Long Island, New York, in August 2010.

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